Oh…this is the part I’m supposed to brag about everything I do…right? (blushes, creeps under the table silently). Ok, while I’m sitting under this table, you can read what others have to say about me. Trust me, they’ll do a much better job ;)

I live and breathe multimedia. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to bed: I think about telling new stories, creative productions, and fun new videos. "

“I live and breathe multimedia. From the moment I wake up, to the moment I go to bed: I think about telling new stories, visualizing complex concepts, and fun new videos. “

  • “Pelpina is a very amazing on-air talent. Her background in television and journalism give her a huge advantage for creating online videos. Pelpina is an expert in online marketing and video marketing. The combination of all her skills is very rare and quite impressive. Pelpina is a world-class professional on the forefront of the convergence of traditional and online media.” – Jeremy Vest, Video Marketing Expert
  • “Pelpina is a rare breed. Talented, hard working, and a solid communicator. She is passionate and truly cares about any project she takes on. Whether on camera or on stage, Pelpina delights audiences with educational, relevant, and entertaining content. Definitely someone to watch.” – Shama Kabani, CEO of The Marketing Zen Group

  • “Working with Pelpina is nothing but a delightful experience.  Her on-air presence captures audiences and makes them consistently wanting more!  Not only have I enjoyed working with her on camera, I’ve have the pleasure of doing business with her on multiple projects.  The passion that she shows for her business, video creation, and onscreen talent makes her an unstoppable force that the digital marketing arena has been looking for!”  Stephanie Wonderlin
  • “There are people you meet in life that just change you. Pelpina is one of those people. Her incredible talent as a creator, producer and onscreen talent makes her a powerful weapon in any company’s media arsenal. She will absolutely help your company tell a better story, make a bigger impact on that potential customer or client and get and keep people talking about you. I highly recommend anyone looking to increase their awareness on the web or in social media, look no further. Pelpina is who you need on your team.” Steve Harper, founder The Ripple Effect
  • “Pelpina intuitively knows what is around the corner before the rest of us even see a turn ahead. She realized the power of video and social media and became an innovator and influencer in both fields. The camera loves her winning personality and honesty. Pelpina makes any website more inviting and her video reports are pithy and playful. I hired Pelpina once and would enthusiastically hire her again.”
  • “Pelpina has an amazing talent and strong intuition which shows through her managing style. She will go through great strides to ensure that a project is perfect and most effective.It’s been an incredible inspiration to learn from her business ethic and I completely trust in her outstanding knowledge of media.” – Mark Zamora, business partner.


  • “Pelpina is a leader in creating original online video content. I’ve seen her go from a local TV host to being one of the top talents in online video production, both as a creative and as an on camera.” - Mason Pelt, Video Marketer.