Small Boob Problems!
Small Boob Problems!

Small Boob Problems!

Dented cups, peek-ins, pillowy bras: we’re talking boobs today. Small boobs!
My sister and I had a ton of fun when we were doing this video about small boob problems. After all, it’s something we can both relate to ;)

5 signs that your bra is too big

One of the main problems when you have small breasts = that all bras seem to be to big on you.
You might not realize quite how bad the problem is, though, so we’ve made a video with the top signs: how to tell your bra is too big.

#1 – Your cups are wrinkly
#2 – When you bend over you don’t want people to look in
#3 – When you can put all kinds of stuff in your bra
#4 – When can dent your cups
#5 – When your bra is too….hard?! Watch the video, it’ll all make sense ;)

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