TOP YouTube SEO Tips 2013
TOP YouTube SEO Tips 2013

Finally, here it is: my interview with one of the world’s best video marketers: Jeremy Vest. Jeremy knows everything -and I mean e-ve-ry-thing- about YouTube optimization. He’s worked on tons of different video channels, created training videos for companies like Adobe, and has worked with several famous YouTubers.

Online Videomarketing in 60 Minutes

We recorded this interview a while back for my book “online videomarketing in 60 minutes” – but as you might know, it takes a while (a long while!) for books to come out. That’s why I’m very excited I can finally share this video. Don’t let the simple looks of this video fool you: this conversation has many extremely powerful tips. Jeremy talks about video intro’s, length of the video, tips for the YouTube description, YouTube tags, subtitle tips/tricks, YouTube custom thumbnails, XML video site maps and more. Watch the whole thing, and you’ll learn many new YouTube tips and tricks.

Video: Top YouTube SEO Tips with Jeremy Vest

Videomarketing expert tips

I recorded a series of interviews with famous YouTubers and videomarketing experts.
Watch all the interviews here.

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Book: Video marketing in 60 minutes

I write about YouTube SEO tips, and many more video strategy examples, in my book “online video marketing in 60 minutes.”
My book is published in the Netherlands in October 2013,
and will be available in the United States/worldwide spring 2014. Read more here.

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