Videomarketing? Start with great content!
Videomarketing? Start with great content!

Every time I talk to Chris Yates, I learn something new. Like how many awards he has won. Or how he has worked in TV forever. And how his switch to the web got him Google-famous. And somehow, he always has me giggling by the end of the conversation :)

Video is about telling stories

But seriously, Chris knows SO much about creating powerful video content and social video campaigns – he’s worked with big and small brands/companies, and he says every video is about telling stories that move people.

Feed Google on a daily basis

I called Chris to ask him a few questions about video marketing before I wrote my book. And I’m so glad I recorded the whole conversation, because it’s super powerful and priceless (definitely watch his Google-beast talk around 10:00)!
Watch the full video to see some great video content & marketing tips by Chris.

videomarketing 60 minuten pelpina trip boek

Book: Video marketing in 60 minutes

I write about YouTube content tips, and many more video strategy examples, in my book “online video marketing in 60 minutes.”
My book is published in the Netherlands in October 2013,
and will be available in the United States/worldwide spring 2014. Read more here.

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