Video Shoot Frankwatching Trainingen!
Video Shoot Frankwatching Trainingen!

I was super excited when I was asked to produce of a bunch of videos for Frankwatching Trainingen, especially because some of my favorite Dutchies would be there!
But this project also presented a challenge…

Take care of a video shoot 50 mi away while:
- you can’t drive a car
- you need to bring all the needed production equipment
- you’re 5 months pregnant and can’t carry anything heavy
– you don’t have assistants, and can’t rent equipment

Find the lightest production equipment you have (one camera, 1 ring light, one small fill light, 2 light tripods, 1 audio set), put it all in one large suitcase on wheels, take the train and ask for a room with natural light (to act as the second fill light).

Shooting with Jarno Duursma

Shooting with Jarno Duursma

Here’s a picture of what the set-up looked like.
I’m still surprised all the needed equipment fit in that red suitcase in the background!¬†¬†Everyone was well-lit, the footage looks great. I’m editing the videos together this/next week. I’ll share results soon!


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