Pregnant? What you’ll need!
Pregnant? What you’ll need!

When I was pregnant with our first child Liam, we got a lot of toys, gadgets and tools we hardly ever used. Second time around, I know much better what we’ll actually need!
Here are 5 things I’m going to do differently this time around.

1. Get a simple babyseat instead of high chair

Simple baby seat

As newbie parents, we figured a high chair was definitely one of the things we’d use on a daily basis. We went all out and bought a nice Stokke high chair. And we absolutely used it a lot (and still do). However, for my second son, I’ll use a simple babyseat as his main seat. This is a little trick I learned from my neighbor/friend, who had a baby the same age as Liam. While I was constantly picking up dropped food and cleaning Liam’s (pretty gross!) high chair, she kept her baby in her small (super easy-to-clean) seat that could be carried around everywhere. She’d sit her baby down in the kitchen while she was cooking, had the baby sit on the floor while she played with her older son, and attached the seat to a chair during dinner. Most of these types of babyseats come with a food/play tray, that’s super fast to clean. Plus, you can easily take these seats to a restaurant, on a day out, or while visiting the inlaws!

2. Find a babycarrier that’s easy to put on

I really wanted to have the BabyBjorn babycarrier when I was pregnant with Liam, but ended up using it less than 3 times. It was just too difficult to put on by myself. Too many straps, steps, and things to click while trying to hold/comfort my baby. Now of course there are A LOT of very happy moms who love the BabyBjorn, but it just wasn’t for me.
I know BabyBjorn has come out with some new versions since then, so my opinion might be outdated – but for my second baby, I’m going to look for a carrier that’s super user-friendly. I’m looking into investing in something such as the Boba Wrap, which also seems like a natural way to carry your baby (and super easy to put on).

3. Breathable mattress will make YOU sleep better too!

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 21.52.24We had everything ready when Liam was born: a beautiful small bassinet, a brand-new crib with a comfortable mattress, all the blankets you can think of. And then…he wasn’t a good sleeper. He just wouldn’t sleep for more than an hour or so, and it drove us crazy. Then, I turned him on his tummy one day – and he slept for hours! And so, us sleep-deprived zombie-parents went on a quest to make tummy-sleeping possible. We ditched the bassinet and the regular mattress for a breathable mattress system. There are a ton of varieties, but we have a great experience with the Secure Beginnings mattress system.
Even if you don’t have a tummy-sleeper, just knowing that the mattress your baby sleeps on is completely breathable and safe will make you sleep so much better at night. We’ll definitely use the breathable mattress system again for our second baby.

My segment on CW’s ‘nightcap,’ on the same topic:

4. Get a food blender: undercover veggies!

Ok, ok, so I might be bombarded the ‘granola-mom’ once Liam goes to school, I still think every mom should have a food blender. Not only can you make your own baby bites once your baby is ready to eat some regular food (and save money that way), you’ll also use it a lot when your baby is a bit older. Liam, for example, refuses to eat anything that even slightly resembles vegetables. I try to make him a smoothie every day, and include a ton of veggies as well. They’re undercover vegetables! Liam has no clue, and loves to drink smoothies. It’s the only way for him to actually eat veggies :)
We went all out and bought a BlendTec blender, but before we got addicted to food blending, we used a simple hand blender that worked well too (just smaller amounts).

5. Say ‘yes’ to second hand

Some things are worth investing your money in (such as an expensive breathable mattress- your baby spends the majority of his day in his bed and his safety depends on his mattress). Other things, in my opinion, are not really worth investing a lot of money in – such as baby pants that only last a few hours before the next diaper blowout or food spill. Don’t be afraid to say ‘yes’ to second hand. I know this is easy for me to say, I grew up practically only wearing second hand clothing, and hardly ever received a new toy. But,┬áif you see how shortly most of the baby stuff lasts (they outgrow them too fast or just get too dirty for even the best washer) – you’ll understand. Here’s yet another good reason to buy second hand.
Good to know: even though I never wore new clothes and hardly had any new toys, I was the happiest and most content kid on the block. True story.

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