3 tips for video shoots!
3 tips for video shoots!

A while back, I wrote about my shoot for Frankwatching Trainingen. They’re now uploaded and ready for everyone to see!
I’m very proud of these productions, considering I did the shoot by myself, and all the editing too. Since this was the first time this division of Frankwatching needed videos, I also had to come up with a logo intro (the first few seconds of the video), music, and a ‘look and feel’ of the series. The shoot went smooth (all the speakers did so well!) and we were done in just a few hours.
But – there are definitely a few things I’ve learned for the next shoot:

Tips for video shoots

Frankwatching Trainingen Pelpina Jarno Duursma

1. Always use multiple cameras. I only used 1 camera (reason being I had to carry all my equipment in 1 suitcase, and simply couldn’t fit more). As a result, I couldn’t switch back and forth between cameras, and I think that really would’ve made the videos much more dynamic and interesting to watch.
2. Ask how big the shooting space is, and ask for a few pictures ahead of time. The room I shot in was very small, and it had large windows in two walls, and a door/windows in the third wall. It worked for what we were doing, but I only had one wall I could shoot against, and it had a very very bright painting on it. I also couldn’t place the camera far away from the wall, since the room was so small. Next time, I’ll ask for a larger room, with different background options. You live and learn :)
3. Ask people to bring several outfits. Some colors look great on camera, and some simply don’t. Some patterns are way too distracting, and some colors will make the subject appear brighter or darker (and they make it difficult to color correct afterwards). Jarno Duursma has (stunning) bright blue eyes, but in the video they didn’t come out the way they look in ‘real life.’ I think part of it is because I used a ringlight, and part of it is because he was wearing a bright white shirt. If he could’ve changed into a shirt with a different color, I wonder if his eyes would’ve come out better. Lesson learned: ask people to bring another shirt.

Just a few lessons I’ve learned. Still, I’m very proud of these productions, and can’t wait for the next series!

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