New ‘Old School’ Interior!
New ‘Old School’ Interior!

Two very big changes are going on in my life right now.
First of all, it’s a new school year! It has been special to me personally this year, because Liam is going to school for the first time. Yep, I’m the parent of a school-going kid now, how crazy is that?! (Probably means I’m getting old).
We also just moved to a beautiful house – which will hopefully be our home for many years to come. (Yes, yes, I am definitely getting old).

Anyways, two very exciting new changes for this almost-30 year old mom! And what better way to combine both the fresh start of the school year and the move with a new ‘old school’ interior? Yes, I know that kind of sounds like a paradox. So, let me explain.

Mix old and new! By Westwing home & living

Mix old and new! By Westwing home & living

Sometimes you step into a house and immediately feel at home. I’m not sure what it is: the color on the wall, the furniture, the view, the small decorations – or perhaps a mix of all of it. Something just makes you want to stay there.
I recently visited a new neighbor and had that exact “wow! I could live here!” feeling. Her living room was a beautiful blend of modern and old. She had bold leather couches, a large wood dining table with colorful chairs, a beautiful old piano, a huge worldmap and several old clocks on the wall. It was such a nice mix of old school and modern.
So, while we were sipping tea and doing our neighborly chit-chat, I kept looking at all the little things that made her interior work. It seemed so simple.The stacks of vintage LP’s on the floor, the fun modern red kitchen, the old typewriter – they somehow blended so well together.

While my neighbor might not be aware of it, she’s trendy! Turns out, “Old School” is a hot interior trend this fall. It’s combining a vintage school look with your current modern interior. Think: vintage clocks, alphabet posters, old school table lamps and industrial materials, to get a retro feel.

westwing home and living oldschool old school michiel

‘old school’ inspiration! From Westwing Home & Living

Who knew that school, which I dreaded so much when I was young, could actually be an inspiration for my interior some day? That big clock, which I used to stare at to count the seconds before the schoolbell – could be the inspiration behind a nice vintage clock above our dining room table. And those vintage wooden school chairs? Perfect in a play corner for my 3-year old toddler.
Mix vintage objects into a modern interior and you create a completely new feel to your living room.
What a fun way to add the ‘going back to school’ theme to your decor! 

So…where’s that world war II book collection from my husband I hated so much? That might fit perfectly with this theme! I’ll have to dig that up.
And while I’m at it, perhaps get back that old typewriter from my parents’ attic. And I know I have an old map of the Netherlands (somewhere!) in the many moving boxes…

Time to get to work. Before the little one comes back from school.

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