Sqillzer: Find your gems
Sqillzer: Find your gems

Online, you can be whatever you want to be.
It’s awesome – unless you’re trying to find the right job applicant in a huge stack of all self-proclaimed “social media experts.”
Terms as “expert” and “guru” are thrown around like candy online. 

Sqillzer: Test online professionals!

And that’s because there’s no definition of what an expert truly is. Nobody knows what kind of experience and knowledge someone should truly have to claim to be a ‘guru’. So when you’re looking for the right person for an online job, how do you know who is the real deal? And if you already have a team of online professionals – do you know what their level of online knowledge is, and who the real gems are in your organization?
There hasn’t really been a simple, effective way to truly measure online professionals – until now.

Sqillzer is a new online tool that objectively tests online professionals.  It lets you measure people’s knowledge,comprehension, and application level, so you can get a good understanding of job applicants or your current online team.

Simple to use

And Sqillzer is super simple to use. You can generate your own test in a matter of minutes by just using Sqillzer’s database of topics and questions. You can also personalize the test by adding your own multiple choice questions, open questions, and a case to the test and indicate the level of importance of each question. Then, you invite a participant to take the test, and you’ll receive a comprehensive report within no-time. The report can give you insight in whether the candidate has the right knowledge and experience that’s required for the job, and it lets you compare different candidates as well.

Find the real gems with Sqillzer

I can see Sqillzer saving employers a lot of time in the pre-selection process of interview candidates, and also give insight in the knowledge level of an already existing team.
This is a great new Dutch start-up that’s about to conquer the world, and finally give a good insight in the world of online experts.
Try Sqillzer to find out who the real gems are, in your big stack of job applicants, or your current team!



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