Video Production Workshop, Dallas

Video Production Workshop, Dallas 2012

One of the best things about doing what you love, is being able to share it with others! I regularly speak about my experience in presentations and workshops for events, companies and universities. Example topics:

Pelpina speaking at Podcamp Dallas 2012

Pelpina at Podcamp Dallas

Videomarketing in 60 Minutes (including book)

So you’ve excitedly put a nice little video on YouTube, it took you hours to brainstorm, write, shoot and edit – but there it is! Waiting to be seen by… 12 viewers?! How come no-one is watching your videos? How do make sure you reach the right audience?
It all starts before you turn the camera on, even before you write a script or storyboard. Having a well thought-out video strategy before you start with video will help you reach the right viewers. In this presentation, I share my own experience with helping companies and brands with a successful video marketing strategy.
Videomarketing is growing immensely in popularity, and for a reason. We are visual beings, and video is the perfect medium to communicate your message. After this presentation, you’ll:
– Have a good understanding of video marketing opportunities for your company or brand
- A well thought-out overview of all the necessary parts of a videomarketing plan
- Receive examples of successful video marketing strategies of comparable companies/brands in your market
In other words, I’ll show you how to use the power of video, and turn it into sales!

Workshop: Optimize your YouTube channel (so people actually watch your videos!)

Some people think they’re done once their video is uploaded to YouTube – but that’s when most of the actual work begins! If you want your videos to be seen by the right audience, you’re going to have to invest some time in the way your videos are presented on YouTube. In this presentation/workshop, I show you practical and strategical tips & tricks to optimize your YouTube videos and channel, so search engines find your videos (and people too!) After this workshop:
– You’ll know the 5 main steps to take to optimize your YouTube videos so search engines find it faster
– You’ll have worked with the main search engine tools to optimize your videos’ title, tags and description
– You’ll know how to subtitle your videos fast and efficient
– You’ll have optimized one of your own videos, so you’ll know how to do it in the future

Workshop: Make a professional video in a day

So, you’re ready to create a video, but you have no idea where to start? And most importantly, you don’t have the time to learn how to do it all? I can do it with you! I can personalize a workshop day just for you – and after we’re done: you’ll have a professionally made video! We’ll brainstorm on the right topic together, then we’ll come up with a video strategy, I’ll help you look comfortable on camera (or I can do the presentation for you), and we can even shoot together. Some options:
– Personal or company profile video
– Interview video
– Product video
– “how it works” or “about us” video
Whether you’ve never touched a camera and would like to start with video, or have shot a few videos but think you look awful in front of a camera, I can help you create a powerful video in this personal workshop. I’m a perfectionist at heart, so I’ll make sure you’re going to be very happy when we’re done!

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